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Error Code:

ExternalMetadataChannelLabelIncompatible (An invalid value was present in the user-provided external metadata)

Error Message:

Unable to apply channel mapping. Provided channel mapping in external metadata does not match the number of audio channels parsed.


The audio channel layout/mapping specified in the Backlot UI or API metadata could not be applied because the provided values do not match the channel count in the file. The provided value from the external metadata specifies labels for more/less than the number of channels present in the file. In these scenarios, the external metadata value will be ignored, which may result in unexpected behavior in downstream processing.


If the file has the correct number of channels then you will need to adjust the channel mapping tag by performing a metadata only redelivery through the Backlot Delivery UI. Please contact your Netflix representative and ask them to issue a redelivery request for "New metadata only".

If the file has the incorrect number of channels then you will need to re-encode and redeliver with the expected channel count and configuration as per our delivery specifications.

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