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As part of our larger Backlot Remodel, we have launched the new Download Materials experience in Backlot. Gone is a simple list of assets. With the new Download Materials you are able to easily identify when an asset has been updated, newly added, or if you have previously downloaded an asset. 
Group, sort, and filter long lists of assets easily making it easier to find and download one or many files quickly.
 Review robust metadata details for a given material asset, including version history and QC status (where applicable).
 Track which file versions you and others at your company have already downloaded.
 Play proxy files directly within Download Materials prior to downloading. 


To get familiar with the new functionality, please enjoy this video overview! 


For a step-by-step written overview, please check out this article

Since we are remodeling the Backlot experience in a phased approach, partners will see a mix of both the legacy Backlot user interface and the newer experience. We anticipate this will continue through the majority of 2023 until each section of Backlot is complete.

The new Download Materials page will launch in a new tab temporarily. We are currently remodeling the Source Request Details page. When that is complete in Q1 2023, Download Materials will go back to being seamlessly part of the Source Request Details page.

For a timeline of our planned releases, please refer to the Backlot Remodel article. 

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