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Beginning Tuesday, May 30, 2017, we have deprecated the old backlotqc.ingest.netflix.com site due to security concerns. There is a new solution hosted by Aspera. This solution is temporary until Netflix builds a custom Pre-QC sharing solution which is expected to be available later in 2017.


NOTE: When you are first migrated to the new site, you will get an invitation email. Ignore this email as it leads you to the incorrect location. Unfortunately, we cannot customize or disable this automated email.

  1. Go to netflix-cpe.asperafiles.com
  2. Click the Sign in with SAML button

  3. You will be redirected to the Backlot login page. Log in with your Backlot credentials as you normally would.

  4. After you click Partner Sign In, you will be redirected back to the Aspera site:

    We recommend that you skip the tour, as most of it is not relevant to our configuration.

  5. You will now be at a screen that looks like this:

    This is the default view. To see the Netflix preqc folders, click the switch view icon on the top left corner: 

  6. The site will show you a status bar as it sets up your account, and then you will be at a screen that looks like this:

    Again, we recommend that you skip the video by clicking Watch Later.

  7. You should now be at the screen where you can see the preqc folder:

    From here, you can click the folder name to descend into the directory tree and navigate to where you want to upload/download your files. Usage should be similar to the old site.

    From this point forward, you should always land on this page when you log back in to this site.


Additional Information

Netflix is actively engaging with NPVs during the week of May 30 to get most users migrated to the new site. 

If you see this screen after logging in at the Backlot login page, it means that you have not yet been provisioned on the Aspera site:

Contact your Netflix representative for further assistance, or open a Backlot Support ticket by clicking here or by emailing backlot.support@netflix.com.


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