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Inspection as a Service (IaaS)


Inspection as a Service (IaaS) is a feature of Backlot that exposes our Automated QC error codes to Partners in advance of assets being processed by Netflix.

Previously, these same inspections were run as part of our transcoding process and any failures resulted in Redelivery Requests. Our new workflow allows you to transfer your assets to Netflix and have them pre-validate through our technical inspections. If we detect any Automated QC errors, those error codes will be surfaced in Backlot with details, allowing you to correct the asset(s) and attempt the transfer again. These failures will not result in Redelivery Requests and they will not have any impact on your metrics. 

There is no limit to the amount of transfer attempts you can execute while using IaaS. Certain error codes are automatic failures and you will need to correct the asset in order to successfully deliver. Other error codes are overridable and you can select to push through the asset “as-is” after you have evaluated all the issues accordingly.

Once the file is considered “delivered”, whether through a clean, error-free transfer or through an IaaS override, it will be processed and evaluated through the normal QC channels and is still subject to possible “Redelivery Request” which remains a metrics baring action.


What’s Changed?

Backlot Delivery UI

When you initiate your deliveries to Netflix via the Backlot Source Deliveries UI, you will notice a new yellow indicator upon transfer labeled “Pending Inspection”. This means the file has transferred and will run through IaaS.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 12.27.28 AM.png


Backlot Manage Requests

Within the Backlot: Manage Requests dashboard, there is a Request States bucket labeled “Failed Deliveries”.


The Failed Deliveries bucket is actionable and should be monitored for failures. Source Requests that land in this bucket are not considered delivered to Netflix until the issues noted are addressed and re-delivered without fault. Source Requests will maintain an “open” status until they have passed through IaaS. The goal should be to address any issues in a timely manner and keep this bucket at a 0 value.  

Customize Columns

There is a new column option labeled “Inspection Status” that will indicate the IaaS status as either  “Pending Inspection”, “Complete”, or no value. An empty or no value state indicates no transfer has been received for that request.


Search Modifiers

In addition, you can drill down and specifically locate Source Requests that have issues by selecting the modifier “Issues” and either “Has issues” or “Does not have issues” value.




Source Request Details

Once you have determined an asset has failed IaaS, please review the specific error code information on the Source Request Details page. The Source Request Details page of each failed delivery will provide more insight into the actual rejection and will detail the error codes surfaced. Start by navigating to the “Deliveries” tab.


For IaaS, rejected assets will be indicated under “Failed Inspection” and the error codes will surface under "Issues". At this point, Partners should review all of the issues noted, correct the asset, and attempt a new transfer with the fixed file against the exact same Source Request. Source Requests will maintain an “open” status until they have passed through IaaS.

In contrast, a successful delivery will be reflected by a Status of "Success".



Override Feature

For some error codes, you will have the option to review and triage the issue and override the error displayed, forcing the file to process through as-is. The bottom of each Delivery's card has an Override button for this function.

If any of the error codes surfaced cannot be overridden, the button will be deactivated and appear as a light grey color (image below). You will need to correct the asset and attempt the transfer again.


If "Override" is selected, the file will move to a "Delivered with Issues" state and your Netflix representative will confirm and process. The file will still be evaluated through the normal QC channels and is subject to possible "Redelivery Request" which will affect Partner metrics.


If you have any further questions, please SUBMIT A REQUEST.


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