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Error Code:

Audio Channel Mismap 


"Audio Channel Mis­map" is the incorrect implementation of the audio track or audio channel order in which dictates the desired speaker assignment or channel arrangement of an audio mix.


Audio Channel Mis­map Impacts Both Content and Technical Quality of the asset. The customer experience is negatively impacted by audio playback occurring on the wrong speaker assignment. Typically this issue is not creatively intended and any derivatives produced from this mezzanine will be of poor or unusable quality.

Severity Structure:



Needs Review

The majority if not all audio is incorrectly mapped and does not meet technical specifications.

How to Prevent:

Use templates with correct audio mapping.

Review channel mapping on timeline prior to exporting.


Please refer to the technical specifications for the correct Audio Channel Mapping order, reorder the channels to the desired order and redeliver. Check the M&E to ensure that it doesn't exist there, redeliver M&E as well if it is.


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