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Error Code:

Audio Hiss 


"Audio Hiss" is additional noise in an audio track caused either by an elevated noise floor or analog source material.


Audio Hiss impacts both the Content and Technical Quality of the asset. At best, audio hiss is distracting to the member experience.  At worst, it can make it difficult to hear or completely obscure the creatively intended dialogue/ music/ effects.

Severity Structure:


Archival footage is shown, along with period specific audio (i.e. it can be discerned that the audio hiss is inherent to the archival mix or used for creative effect).


Hiss is loud, either partially or completely obscuring the dialogue/ music/ effects.  Audio has been gained up and shows apparent artifacts as such.

How to Prevent:

Record audio signal loud enough that gain will not have to be boosted to the point of introducing additional hiss.


Decrease gain in the sections noted. Consider using a wild track or foley elements to achieve desired creative intent.  Check the M&E for the same issue, and redeliver M&E as well if necessary.

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