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Error Code:

Abrupt Audio Edit


"Abrupt Audio Edit" refers to an abrupt signal drop off or incomplete transitional effect.


Abrupt audio edits impact the Content quality of the asset. The creative intent of the content may have been inadvertently altered, and this can be distracting/jarring to the member.

Severity Structure:


There is on-screen action or contextual cues that it is creative intent.


Audio cuts abruptly mid-scene in a way that does not appear to be creatively motivated by an inherent element in the scene.

How to Prevent:
Review all edit points.  Check for any abrupt, incomplete or awkward audio transitions.

Make sure file is to Netflix spec with 1 second of black and silence at head and tail.  Ensure that video and audio are matching lengths to verify that no extraneous edits were introduced into the audio.


Audio edits must be reconfigured to make them more seamless.

Extend/trim edits as needed, and re-export. Check the M&E for the same issue, and redeliver M&E as well if necessary.

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