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Error Code:

Audio Artifact - Bad Edit 


"Bad Edit" refers to a rapid signal drop off or incomplete transitional effect.


Bad Edits impact the Content quality of the asset. The creative intent of the content producers may have been inadvertently altered and the customer could be distracted by having attention brought to the technical aspects of a program.

Severity Structure:


There is on-screen action or contextual clues, which indicate that the edit may be intentional. 


Music cuts abruptly and without logical need.

How to Prevent:
Review of all edit points. Checking for clipped audio, or awkward transitions.

Making sure file is to Netflix spec with 1 second of black at head and tail, and 1 second of silence at head and tail. Ensure that video and audio are matching lengths.


Music must be replaced or edits must be reconfigured to make them less apparent.

Extend/ trim edits as needed. Re-export.

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