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Error Code:

Audio Artifact - Bad Edit


Bad Edit refers to a rapid signal drop off or an incomplete transitional effect. Bad edits impact the content quality of an asset. If the Content Producers' creative intent is inadvertently altered, and a bad edit is created, it could negatively impact the customer from a seamless viewing experience.

Severity Structure:


There is on-screen action or contextual clues that this edit was creatively intended. 

Needs Review

Music may drop off suddenly or have a very fast fade. If it is edited together with a voice over, it may be considered creative intent.

Needs Fix

Music cuts abruptly and without logical need.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, check to see if a fade can be installed or increased. If music cuts abruptly and illogically, it must either be replaced or edits reconfigured to make them less apparent.

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