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Error Code:

Audio Clipping


Audio Clipping occurs when the amplitude of an audio sample exceeds the maximum playback level, and causes audio distortion in the playback system. This is also commonly referred to as Over-Modulation. Audio Clipping impacts both the content and technical quality of an asset. The customer experience is negatively impacted due to audio playback that may loudly pop, crunch, or have decreased dynamic range. Typically, this issue is not creatively intended, and any derivatives produced from this mezzanine will be of poor or unusable quality.

Severity Structure:



Needs Review

One or two lines of dialogue over-modulates the recording device, causing a minor distortion in playback.

Needs Fix

A significant portion of the audio appears to peak at an arbitrary level. The audio is loud and distorted across music, dialogue, and sound effects. It appears flat on the waveform and sounds over-modulated.


Please confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, the audio will most likely need to be re-recorded or remixed with the audio levels brought into a safe limit for playback. Check the M&E to ensure that the issue doesn’t exist there as well. If the issue is identified in the M&E mix, it will also need to be redelivered.

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