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Error Code:

Conversion Error - Banding


Banding is the artifact of a low fidelity color depth resulting in noticeable jumps in the graduation from one color to another. Banding impacts the content and technical quality of an asset. The customer experience could be negatively impacted by a low-quality image and unintended visible textures. If there are any derivatives of the asset, it will further exacerbate banding through scaling and compression.

Severity Structure:


Banding is limited to dissolving transitions.

Needs Review

Banding is limited to a motionless frame. The characters and objects do not interact against the image. 

Needs Fix

Banding is exacerbated by characters on screen as the banding shifts noticeably in the image. Stepping is also significantly large. 


This is usually an output issue. Review and ensure that the output bit depth is at least 10-bit. 8-bit visual effects tend to reveal banding in smooth gradients and will exacerbate the issue.

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