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Error Code:

Conversion Error - Banding


"Banding" is the artifact of a low fidelity color depth resulting in noticeable jumps in the graduation from one color to another. 

The example below shows the opening of House of Cards with banding present. Note the blue sky.


Banding impacts the Content and Technical Quality of the Asset. Customer experience is negatively impacted by low-quality image on-screen and likely unintended visible textures. Derived elements further exacerbate banding through scaling and compression.

Severity Structure:


Banding is limited to dissolving transitions.


Banding is exacerbated by characters on screen as the banding shifts noticeably in the image, Stepping is significantly large.

How to Prevent:

Render at 10-bit (at least), 8-bit visual effects tend to reveal banding in smooth gradients more so and exacerbate the issue.


Re-render at 10-bit (at least).

When a 10bit image is converted to an 8bit image the 1024 colors in the source must be mapped to the 256 available in the output it can result in color banding. Usually when this conversion occurs dithering is used to randomize this quantization error and make the banding less visible. However it is not always successful.

If your source does not exhibit this issue then it's likely to have been introduced during transcoding. Ensure your transcoder is configured correctly and re-transcode.

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