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Error Code:

Audio Distortion


Audio Distortion is an errant manipulation of sound, experienced in relation to dialogue, music, and/or sound effects. It is typically unintentional and has no context within the scene. Audio Distortion impacts both the content and the technical quality of an asset. The customer experience is negatively impacted by audio playback containing content that distracts from the overall experience. 


Severity Structure:



Needs Review

A minor errant sound within music and/or sound effects that does not attribute to anything visible on screen.

Needs Fix

A minor errant effect within the heard dialogue, or a major errant sound within music and/or sound effects that does not attribute to anything visible on screen.


Please confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, remove the errant sound from the mix, and re-deliver. It may be necessary to review, correct, and re-deliver the original recording. Check the M&E to ensure that the issue doesn’t exist there as well. If the issue is identified in the M&E mix, it will also need to be redelivered.

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