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Error Code:

Production Error - Camera Bump


Camera bump is the unintended movement of the image caused by an operator error or a camera support movement. A camera bump can serve as a distracting element during a viewer’s experience. It typically is not creative intent, and is usually remnants from a camera movement within the scene.

Severity Structure:


A nominal camera shift.

Needs Review

A minor camera bump in the middle of a camera movement that is not entirely distracting, but doesn’t follow the intent of the move. 

Needs Fix

A major camera bump in the middle of a camera movement; or a static camera frame that unintentionally jitters from position.


If stabilization can improve the footage, without negatively impacting image quality, stabilization should be used. If the image buzzes/shifts in focus upon stabilization, it is more likely preferred to retain the camera bump as-is. 

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