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Error Code:

Audio Level Shift/Level Change


Audio Level Change is the abrupt change of base or a peak in audio levels. Level changes impact the content quality of the asset. The customer experience will be negatively affected if the dialogue level drops below an audible level. If levels rise unexpectedly, the customer may become startled, which distracts from a seamless viewing experience. This could potentially be creative intent on the part of the content producer. Any derivative of the asset will contain this level change.

Severity Structure:


Level shift is indiscernible in playback. 

Needs Review

Level change is slow but noticeable. One character now sounds louder or quieter than another.

Needs Fix

An abrupt change on cut of audio. Audio levels are very different from their previous level.


Please confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, re-adjust the base audio levels, so there are no fluctuations.

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