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Error Code: 

Commercial Blacks 


"Commercial Blacks" are black frames accompanied by silence for a duration of 4 seconds or longer, indicating a placeholder for a commercial/act break.


Commercial Blacks impact both the Technical and Content Quality of the Asset.  Content should not include any commercial blacks per the Netflix Delivery Specification. Member experience is negatively impacted by any excessive breaks in program or breaks not related to creatively intended scene transitions.  

Severity Structure:




Program contains sections of black and silence that are 4 seconds or longer in duration. 

How to Prevent:                          

If content is airing somewhere other than Netflix, where commercial breaks are included, maintain a separate Netflix cut with commercial blacks removed.

Any content that will be exclusive to Netflix should never include any commercial blacks.


Remove any and all commercial blacks.  Ensure all parties involved receive the updated Proxy, PM and M&E audio adjusted to reflect the updated edit and runtime change.

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