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Error Code: 

Extraneous Content - Commercial Blacks 


"Commercial Blacks" are 4 seconds or longer of a black frame and silent audio, signifying a commercial act break was to occur.


Commercial Blacks impact both the Technical and Content Quality of the Asset. Commercial Blacks do not follow the Netflix Technical Specification and negatively impact the customer's experience with unnecessary gaps/breaks in-between program.

Severity Structure:




Contains Black and Silence of 4 seconds or greater.

How to Prevent:                          

If producing content for Netflix, maintain a separate timeline for your Netflix cut. If known that there will be a Netflix cut when in post, try to avoid having long ring-outs into commercial breaks, as this will require modifying for Netflix delivery if the blacks are too long.  


Remove the commercial black, ensure all parties involved with secondary process receive updated Proxy, M&E and so on. If you have also uploaded associated assets for an affected video (i.e. Secondary Audio or Timed Text) then these will need to be adjusted and redelivered as well to maintain sync. Please contact your Netflix representative and ask them to issue Redelivery Requests for those assets as well.

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