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Error Code:

Compositing Errors 


"Compositing Error" is any artifact or impairment induced by or related to poorly implemented VFX/CGI. Can encompass many different types of errors from color and matte shifts on a character/object to extraneous artifacts that are not creatively inherent to a scene.  


Compositing Errors impact the Content Quality of the Asset. The member experience is negatively impacted by obvious or poor compositing which can take them out of a seamless viewing experience.

Severity Structure:




Significantly noticeable VFX inconsistencies including, but not necessarily limited to, distortion around characters/objects, characters/objects appearing slightly transparent and incomplete or overlapping mattes.

How to Prevent:                          

Review VFX elements at both reference levels as well as with black levels boosted to expose noticeable compositing.


Likely needs a return to VFX to correct potential improper rendering.

Adjust matte or element to be consistent within frame/ shot.

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