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Error Code:

VFX Error - Compositing Errors


Compositing Errors occur when visual effects inadvertently affect the presentation of on-screen characters or objects. Compositing Errors impact the content quality of an asset and will detract from a seamless customer viewing experience by exposing mistakes that were made during post-production.

Severity Structure:



Needs Review

Soft edges around characters or objects are noticeable. There's an overall noticeable compositing effect and/or chroma bleed around certain edges.

Needs Fix

There are very significant and noticeable compositing issues (e.g. visible noise due to incomplete matting, objects appearing slightly transparent, or objects incorrectly overlapping each other). 


Please confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, check to ensure the mattes are complete and fully filled. In more severe examples, return to VFX to correct any export or rendering issues.  

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