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Error Code:

VFX Error - Compositing Errors 


"Compositing Error" is the adverse effect when visual effects inadvertently affect the presentation of characters or on-screen objects. 


Compositing Errors impact the Content Quality of the Asset. The overall appearance and production value of a program are adversely affected by mistakes or poor quality compositing. The customer experience is impacted negatively by revealing mistakes of post-production.

Severity Structure:




Significantly noticeable compositing issues like visible noise from incomplete matting, objects appearing slightly transparent, incomplete matte, objects overlapping each other incorrectly.

How to Prevent:                          
Review VFX elements at reference intended levels, and also with elevated black levels, exposing hidden elements.


Likely needs a return to VFX to correct exporting issues, improper export or rendering.

Adjust matte or element to be consistent within frame/element.

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