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Error Code:

Audio Static


Audio Static is a crackling sound present on the audio track caused either by the capture equipment, or a segment of audio data that has become corrupted. This results in signal anomaly, similar to pink or white noise. Audio static impacts both the content and technical quality of an asset. The customer may be jarred out of a seamless viewing experience or unable to hear plot-pertinent dialogue. The technical quality of the asset is also unsound as unintended signal noise, or file corruption has compromised the asset. Compressed deliverables should not be generated from this source.

Severity Structure:


Static is present and matches an onscreen coincidence. For example, a CB Radio is in frame.

Needs Review

Static is audible in mix, but it is low and there is nothing on screen that indicates it is creative intent.

Needs Fix

Static occurs during dialogue and obscures the sound, or it occurs in silence and is very noticeable and disruptive.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent. If not, check production audio and consider ADR replacements. If dialogue is affected it must be replaced, either with production audio or ADR. If audio static occurs when there is silence, the portion must be replaced with either foley effects or a room tone.

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