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Error Code:

Audio Tick


"Audio Tick" is an audible artifact usually caused by edits that cut in between samples or peaks of an audio track and cause the output speakers to change voltage abruptly.


Audio tick impacts the Technical quality of the asset. The jump in voltage and resulting artifact may be an  annoyance to the member.

Severity Structure:


Audio Tick may be a mouth noise (lip smack) from the actor.  May also be a sound effect inherent to the scene (e.g. footstep, hand tap, paper movement, etc.)


Audio tick is very noticeable, either in silence or over dialogue/ music/ effects, and does not appear to be related to anything creative in picture.

How to Prevent:

Full review of all audio elements as they interact with each other in the final mix.  Manually “clean up” any anomalous audio ticks.


If dialogue is affected, replace with either alternate production audio or ADR. If effects tracks are affected, audio tick should be masked with foley effects or room tone.  If music is affected, should consider replacing with clean music tracks.  

Isolate audio tick, and perform a decrackle/depop to remove.  Keep in mind, this should not significantly alter the final mix. Check the M&E for the same issue, and redeliver M&E as well if necessary.

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