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Error Code:

Audio Tick


Audio Tick is an audible artifact in the audio track, usually caused by edits that cut in between samples, or peaks within an audio file. This causes the output speakers to rapidly change voltage. Audio tick impacts the technical quality of an asset. The waveform is causing a jump in voltage, resulting in an artifact that may manifest as an annoyance to the viewer. It is likely not creative intent given the context of a scene. 

Severity Structure:


Audio tick maybe a mouth noise from the actor or VO actor. It could also be mis-flagged, and the artifact is actually contextual within the scene, such as a footstep, hand tap, or paper movement.

Needs Review

Audio tick is over dialogue and clearly not a mouth noise. It may have been creatively intended as an effect for an action occurring off-screen. 

Needs Fix

Audio tick occurs in silence or is very loud over dialogue. It does not appear to be creative intent.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, remove the audio tick from the original recording, replace with ADR, or re-record. If this error occurs when there is silence, it must be masked by room tone or environmental effects. 

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