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Error Code:

Audio Artifact - Upcut


Audio Up Cut is a late audio edit that begins mid-performance of music and/or an effect. Audio Up Cut impacts the technical quality of an asset. The customer experience will be adversely affected as the up cut will jar them from a seamless viewing experience. This could be creatively intended. Any derivatives of the mix will contain audio up cut(s).

Severity Structure:


Audio up cut is caused by an actor’s performance.

Needs Review

Audio starts loud after cut and is in the middle of music or an effect. This could potentially be creative intent.

Needs Fix

Audio starts mid-cue or mid-dialogue after a cut, and jumps right into the scene. It is jarring during playback. 


Please confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, adjust the audio to transition smoothly. In more severe examples, the audio edit must be changed or repositioned to allow for a seamless transition into the information.

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