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Error Code:

Audio Upcut 


"Audio Upcut" is an audio edit that happens mid-dialogue, music and/or effect resulting in audio that does not match the rest of the scene in audible level/sound quality.


Audio Upcut impacts the Technical Quality of an asset.  The creative intent of the content may have been inadvertently altered, and this can be distracting/jarring to the member.  

Severity Structure:


Audio upcut is inherent to an actor’s vocal performance.


Audio levels jump abruptly mid-scene or sound quality of dialogue/ music/ effects changes abruptly mid-scene. Upcut is very noticeable and would be jarring to the customer experience. 

How to Prevent:                                                                                                      

Review all edit points.  Check for any abrupt changes mid-scene in the final mix.


Audio edits must be reconfigured to make them more seamless, minimizing any abrupt changes in level/ sound quality compared to the rest of the scene. Check the M&E for the same issue, and redeliver M&E as well if necessary.

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