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Error Code:

Color Mistiming 


"Color Mistiming" is the adverse effect in which the expected or reasonable color levels appear inadvertently altered from surrounding reference shots.


Color Mistiming impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the Asset. A mistimed color mix can present a jarring difference between one shot and another, distracting the consumer and removing the suspension of disbelief. Technically incorrect implementation of the expected appearance. Any derivatives will include the mistimed color.

Severity Structure:




Color timing differs significantly from surrounding similar shots or angles without onscreen motivation, creative intent likely impacted and unintentional.

How to Prevent:                           

Check the DI Session and verify that the timing is consistent across multiple shots, check to ensure any LUT applied is done for all shots. Check to make sure all rendered segments were correctly implemented in final conform.


Fix timing inconsistencies and apply LUT to any shots where it was missing.


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