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Error Code:

Color Mistiming 


"Color Mistiming" refers to any color grading error that either results in color shifts mid-shot or color being inconsistent between similar shots.  This can also apply to shots that appear to be missing expected color correction treatment.


Color Mistiming impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the Asset. Member experience will be negatively impacted by any abrupt shifts in color mid-shot or color that does not appear natural or consistent with the rest of a scene/ program.

Severity Structure:




Color shifts abruptly in the middle of a shot or before/ after a cut.  Overall color of a shot(s) does not match similar shots or the rest of a scene. Color does not seem natural or consistent with the overall look of the rest of the scene/ program.

How to Prevent:                           

Verify that the timing is consistent across multiple shots during color grading.  Check to ensure any LUTs are applied across all shots. Check to make sure all color decisions were correctly implemented in final conform.


Fix any color timing inconsistencies and re-render affected shots.


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