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Dubbing Script QC

Dubbing Script Goals:

Netflix QC performs dubbing script QC with the goal of assessing the overall quality of the translation as well as the adherence to the Audio Style Guide (if available) and to the KNP/glossary. We will assess the dubbing script QC results after 2-3 scripts and may discontinue dubscript QC for certain languages if they meet a satisfactory quality threshold.

Performing or not performing QC on dub scripts does not indicate Netflix approval of all language choices, nor a requirement to use all proposed changes as-is.

Project Tracking & Communication:

Scripts and QC notes are tracked in a Google tracker (an exemplary template can be found, here). Fulfillment Partners provide their ETAs in this tracker.

Upon script delivery, the Fulfillment Partner must update the tracker and email their Netflix Representative, as well as, dubscriptreview@netflix.com. Upon delivery of script notes, QC updates the tracker and places their notes in the pre-assigned Google folder.


SLA for script notes is 48 hrs. If more than one script is being delivered at a time, the SLA for each additional script is 24 hrs. Netflix will not review or approve any studio responses beyond the initial round of dubbing script QC.

Asset Deliveries:

The Fulfillment Partner delivers the following items into Aspera pre-QC (netflix-cpe.asperafiles.com)*:

  • English reference scripts
  • Dubbing scripts

Naming convention:
Example: 2412321_23976_fr_dubscript.doc

  • Proxies

Naming convention:
Example: 2412321_23976_en_proxy;
Updated proxies should be labeled with ‘V2’
Example: 2412321_23976_en_V2_proxy

KNP/Glossary Delivery:

The Fulfillment Partner is expected to deliver translations for all relevant terms with every script delivery. For more details regarding the KNP process, please speak with your Netflix Representative.

*   If you have not been onboarded to the Aspera pre-QC site, please SUBMIT A TICKET so our Backlot Support team can assist. 

Subject: Request for onboarding for dubscript QC

  •      Vendor Name
  •      List of users to be created
  •      First Name/Last Name/Email Address
  •      Do the list of users have valid Backlot accounts?
  •      Do you have an existing workspace (Pre-QC Folder)?
  •      What is the name of the Pre-QC folder?

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