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Error Code:

Continuity Error 


"Continuity Error" refers to  any visual or audible inconsistency with on-screen characters or objects between similar shots/ scenes.  


Continuity Errors impact the Content Quality of the Asset. Any noticeable inconsistency will disrupt the natural flow of the story.  If the continuity error is severe enough, it may cause confusion over creatively intended story points. 

Severity Structure:


Minor change in a character’s or object’s position or any change that can be reasonably attributed to the passage of time from shot to shot/ scene to scene.


Any major change to a character or object that causes a noticeable break or inconsistency in the story.

How to Prevent:                          

Reference script supervisor notes on set to avoid shooting continuity errors. Be especially vigilant with problematic props such as liquids in glasses and cigarettes.

During editing, reference previous shots/ scenes often to attempt to minimize impact of a production continuity error.


Replace existing continuity error with an alternate shot or attempt to frame out with a shot reposition or VFX, if possible. 



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