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Error Code:

Production Error - Continuity Error


Continuity Error is the difference of placement or articulation of an on-screen character or object’s appearance, or audio treatment, causing a visual jump cut or noticeable sound mismatch. Continuity errors impact the content quality of an asset. The customer experience is negatively impacted by the distracting difference in performance or location of an onscreen character or object.  Breaks in continuity detract from a seamless viewing experience.

Severity Structure:


There is a minor difference between one angle and another; an item on- screen may be in a different position; a character's on-screen positioning or posture has changed.

Needs Review

There is a major difference between one angle and another; the time on a clock has changed in a nonlinear matter; there's a re-performance of a previously seen action (e.g. picking up an item twice, or the object in motion is in its previous state).

Needs Fix



Most often these continuity errors are intentional from a creative perspective (due to the production wanting to use a particular on-screen performance as the preferred "take"). Please review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, concealment of minor issues would be preferred as long as the fix does not impact the expected performance.

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