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Error Code:

DRS/Paint Fix Error


"DRS/ Paint fix error" is the obvious or improperly implemented cover up of an underlying issue.


DRS/ Paint fix errors impact the Content and Technical Quality of the asset. Customer experience is negatively impacted by the obvious cover up of an anomaly. A poorly implemented paint fix draws attention to the location of the error, and in some cases, may be more distracting than the original issue. 

Severity Structure:




Defined outline or “block/ box” shape is visible over area where the fix was applied.  Grain/ noise density and color of affected area do not match the surrounding portions of the frame/ shot. 

How to Prevent:

Review all paint fixes for obvious mattes or defined outlines indicating a poorly implemented fix.


May require additional DI time to “smooth out” the applied fix or an alternative method of addressing the error being painted out.

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