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Error Code:

VFX Error - Concealment Error 


"Concealment Error" is the obvious or improperly implemented cover-up of an underlying issue.


Concealment Errors impact the Content and Technical Quality of the asset. Customer experience is negatively impacted by the obvious cover-up of unwanted on-screen content. Poor quality concealment brings attention to the fix instead of amending. This is likely an improperly executed fix/clean-up effort -- and representative of the creative intent.

Severity Structure:




Distracting concealment of error draws attention to the cover-up. Large portions of locked in grain, poor matte tracking, color matching differs, concealed item is still visible

How to Prevent:

Review all mattes and concealed items for obvious improper implementations.


VFX fixes are likely improperly implemented or of poor quality. Concealment should not draw attention to the area that is being covered, may require additional DI time, or alternative methods of concealment that can improve the appearance on screen.

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