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Error Code:

Dialogue Out of Sync


"Dialogue Out of Sync” refers to lip movement that does not match on screen performance.


Dialogue out of sync impacts Technical and Content quality of the asset.  The member experience is negatively impacted if an actor’s lip movement does not align with their voice performance.  It can take them out of a seamless viewing experience.

Severity Structure:




Spoken dialogue is either 1 or more frames earlier or later compared to on-screen actor’s lip movement.  Sometimes dialogue sync issues can be attributed to necessary ADR, but they should always be flagged for review.

How to Prevent:

Review audio on timeline and ensure it is properly aligned with lip movement, as sync can easily shift during an edit.

Verify that audio and video have been recorded at the same frame rate.


Dialogue mix elements must be synced to video.  Re-export audio as needed.

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