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Error Code:

Sync - Dialogue 


Lip sync timing does not match on-screen performance.


Out of sync dialogue negatively impacts the customer experience and is typically attributed to improperly implemented dialogue, or replaced dialogue, which is not usually the Creative Intent.

Severity Structure:




Spoken dialogue mismatches on-screen performance at or more than 2 frames.

How to Prevent:

Review audio on a timeline and ensure it is matching up with lip movement, as things can easily move during an edit.

Check that audio and video have been recorded at the same frame rate.


Re-position dialogue elements to sync with the video or the expected timing. Out of sync audio elements must be moved to match and then re-exported.

Attempt to identify a pattern in when the sync is good and bad. If it is unfixable then an alternate source free of the intermittent sync issues must be created/located. If you are unable to create and/or locate an alternate source, please contact your Netflix representative via Backlot.

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