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Error Code:

Audio Drop Out - Dialogue 


"Dialogue Drop Out" is an irregular lack of the words or syllables on an audio track. Music and effects may still be present.


Dialogue Drop Out impacts both the Content and Technical quality of the asset. The member experience is negatively affected as plot-pertinent information may be lost. Not likely creative intent. This source asset is Technically unsound and should not generate any further assets.

Severity Structure:


Dialogue drops out partially or completely when Music comes in or has a logical contextual clue with it that would indicate intent for the drop out.


Dialogue is missing without any kind of indication of intent. Characters will move mouths without sound coming out in shots that are close or feature the actor.

How to Prevent:

Review audio to picture to monitor for discrepancies. Check waveforms for dips in audio, this is a good indicator that a fix needs to be made.


Replace dialogue as originally intended.


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