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Error Code:

Audio Drop Out - Dialogue


Dialogue Drop Out is when there's an irregular lack of words or missing syllables on an audio track. The music and effects may still be present, but the dialogue has disappeared. Dialogue drop out impacts both the content and technical quality of an asset. This is likely not creative intent, and due to the potential loss of plot-pertinent information, it can negatively impact the customer experience. This source asset is technically unsound and should not be used to create derivatives. 

Severity Structure:


When music enters into the scene, the dialogue intentionally drops out, either partially or completely; there is a logical, contextual clue that indicates creative intent for the dialogue drop out.

Needs Review

The dialogue drops out partially or completely mid-scene; there is no apparent contextual clue that the drop was creatively intended. 

Needs Fix

The dialogue is missing without indication of intent (e.g. during close-up shots or shots that feature the actor, the actor's mouth moves, but there is no sound coming out).


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, replace dialogue as originally intended. 

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