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Error Code:

Luminance - Elevated Black Levels


Elevated Black Levels occurs when an image, intended to be true black, appears gray. Elevated black levels create an offset in misrepresentation of colors on the screen and can negatively impact the customer experience in major ways. 

Severity Structure:


The black levels are set slightly above 7.5 IRE. This may be creative intent, and should not cause a large noticeable difference in the viewing experience.

Needs Review

The black levels are set above 10.0 IRE. This will make true-black images appear dark gray.

Needs Fix

The black levels are set above 15.0 IRE. This will make true-black images appear light gray, and have a large negative impact on the viewing experience.


Check the rasterizer and ensure base black levels start at 7.5 IRE.

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