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Error Code:

Extraneous Dialogue 


"Extraneous Dialogue" is additional dialogue information in an audio track that does not match with the visuals on screen. This may be a wild track line, a duplication of another line in program, or temporary dialogue that has been left in final mix.


Extraneous dialogue impacts the Content Quality of the asset. The member experience is adversely affected if there is dialogue unrelated to/ incongruous with on-screen action. 

Severity Structure:


Dialogue is present and cannot be directly attributed to on-screen characters but still makes sense within the context of the scene.


Dialogue is from another scene or piece of content or scene has dialogue where there should only be music/ effects.

How to Prevent:                          

Keep temp tracks completely separate from final tracks, and lock audio tracks that are not being worked on in order to avoid cross contaminating tracks. Review audio against picture to check for out of place or duplicated elements.


Extraneous dialogue must be removed and replaced with correct dialogue or music/environmental effects.


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