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Error Code:

Extraneous Noise


Extraneous Noise is an unintended signal artifact that cannot be discerned as music, effect or dialogue. Extraneous noise impacts the content quality of an asset. The customer experience is negatively affected as extraneous noise may obscure dialogue. It's possible it is creative intent, dependent upon the content producer. Any derivatives of the asset will also contain the extraneous noise.

Severity Structure:


The noise matches the elements that appear on-screen, and contextual clues indicate that the noise is intended.

Needs Review

The noise does not obscure dialogue, but is not apparent in the context of the scene that it is supposed to be there.

Needs Fix

The noise is loud and obstructive; it is very apparent that corruption has occurred, and the noise is not intended to be there.


Review and confirm if it is creative intent; otherwise, replace or adjust the affected audio segments to have the correct audio.

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