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Error Code:

Video Hit


"Video Hit" is any corruption in a video file that results in a shift in pixels or visual artifacts.


Video Hits impact both the Technical and Content Quality of the asset.  They usually represent a render or encoding error. Additionally, member experience is adversely affected if on screen visual hits obscure the main action of a scene. Any video hits will also be recorded into any subsequent assets derived from a source containing hits.

Severity Structure:


Video is meant to simulate archival/found/consumer video footage with inherent digital anomalies for creative intent.


Digital blocks, digital line errors/dropouts or picture breakup occurs anywhere on screen.

How to Prevent:                          



Determine if video hit exists in the render or is an encode issue.  If it exists in the render, go back to DI and re-render affected frames. Then, re-export final deliverable. 

If it is encode related, simply re-export final deliverable.

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