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Error Code:

Frame Error - Dropped Frame


"Dropped Frame" refers to a single or sequence of frames which are missing, lost, or corrupted in the video essence. 


Dropped Frames impact the Technical quality of an asset. The customer experience is negatively impacted since the on-screen motion will appear jerky or appear as though a jump cut has occurred, which could create confusion. Dropped frames may be creative intent or the result of an animation style. Any video derived from a source containing this issue will contain Dropped Frames.

Severity Structure:




Movement is choppy and interpolated frames are missing.

How to Prevent:

Dropped frames are possibly present in frame rate converted, stock, or archival footage.

Review, and use best possible stock, and archival footage. Use a professional quality hardware or software standards conversion solution when changing from one frame rate to another. Other times, data corruption may be present within the file and has forced the decoder to simply ignore the affected sections, leading to potentially significant jumps in the video and audio.


Review your master file. If the issue is present then the segment of footage must have missing frames replaced or sequence re-rendered to make movement smooth.  If your master file looks ok, then this issue may have been induced further downstream.  Attempt to re-transcode, ensuring that no framerate conversion is being performed.

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