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Error Code:

Frame Error - Dropped Frame


Dropped Frame refers to a single frame or a sequence of frames that are missing, lost, or corrupted within the video essence. Dropped frames impact the technical quality of an asset. It can cause on-screen motion to appear jerky, as if there's an unintentional jump-cut, which detracts the customer from a seamless viewing experience. It could possibly be creative intent and/or the result of an animation style. Any derivative of the asset will contain the dropped frame(s).

Severity Structure:



Needs Review

If it occurs in an animation, it could be due to the type of animation (i.e. double printed) or is creative intent. Possibly present in frame rate converted stock or archival footage.

Needs Fix

The movement is choppy and interpolated frames are missing.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, footage must have frames restored/replaced or sequence re-rendered to make the movement as smooth as possible.

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