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"Dirt/ Stain/Scratch" refers to various anomalies in content shot on film resulting from debris/digs that exist either in the film print (positive/black) or in the negative (negative/white).  If a dig is in the emulsion, it may show up as a colored scratch (instead of black/white).


Dirt/ Stains/Scratches impact the Technical and Content quality of the asset. Unless it is archival/ stock footage or purposely induced to create a vintage film look, these film anomalies are an added distraction for the member. They also create a substandard level of quality that is typically not representative of Netflix content. 

Severity Structure:


Dirt/stains/scratches exist in archival/stock film footage or were added in post to simulate archival film footage for creative intent.


Dirt/stains/scratches exist and do not appear to be creatively intended based on the type of content or contextual cues.

How to Prevent:                          

Avoid handling of film.

Store in airtight container when possible.


Complete DRS to clean up extraneous film anomalies.

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