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Error Code:

Extraneous Content


Extraneous Content is when additional, unnecessary content is included within the program. This may consist of large sections of black (with silence), slates, color bars, the SMPTE Leader, 2-pops, or textless materials. Extraneous content impacts the content quality of an asset as content unrelated to the program they wish to wash is served. There's a possibility that it is of creative intent, but is dependent upon the context of the scene. Any derivatives of the asset will also contain the extraneous content.

Severity Structure:


There are contextual clues that the extraneous content is creatively intended.

Needs Review

The extraneous content is not involved in the overall story of the program, but there's a possibility it is creative intent. 

Needs Fix

The file contains technical elements that are not creatively intended, and should not be apart of the final product (e.g. black with silence, slates, color bars, SMPTE Leader, 2 pops or text-less materials, etc). 


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, extraneous content must be removed and replaced, ensuring only intended content is present. This includes removing any extraneous content that comes before and after the program (e.g. SMPTE Leader). 

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