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Error Code:

Extraneous Content


“Extraneous Content” is any additional, unnecessary content included in the program/file. This includes any miscellaneous head/tail build or elements from the DI left in the final file deliverable that do not adhere to the Netflix Delivery Specification


Extraneous content impacts the Content Quality of an asset.  Member experience is negatively impacted when content unrelated to the program is mistakenly included in the stream they are served.  Extraneous content can usually be distinguished from creatively intended program content based on the context of the scene/program.

Severity Structure:


There are contextual clues that the extraneous content is creatively intended.


The file contains head/tail build elements included from the DI and/or online edit, which should not be apart of the final product (e.g. additional black and silence, slates, color bars, SMPTE Leader, 2-pops or textless material, program bumpers, etc.)

How to Prevent:

Lock video tracks that are not being worked on in order to avoid cross contaminating tracks. Review timeline for potentially out of place elements or format elements left in the final edit by mistake.


Extraneous content must be removed or replaced with final content to adhere to the Netflix Delivery Spec.


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