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Error Code:

Extraneous Content - Effects 


"Extraneous Effect" is an additional audio effect (knock, step, gunshot, birdsong) present in the program where that effect would not commonly be expected to appear.


Extraneous effects impact the Content Quality of the asset. The customer experience is negatively affected as extraneous effects may provide story cues the producer did not intend. Possibly creative intent on the part of the producer. Any derivatives of this asset will contain extraneous effects.

Severity Structure:


Effect may not match with an on-screen coincidence but in the context of the scene, it makes sense for action occurring off-screen.


Effect is present where it clearly should not be. Could change the creative intent or give away plot-pertinent information before the creators intended.

How to Prevent:                          

Keep temp tracks completely separate from final tracks, and lock audio tracks that are not being worked on in order to avoid cross-contaminating tracks. Review audio to picture to catch out of place or duplicated elements.   


Extraneous effect must be removed and replaced with the intended audio.

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