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Error Code:

Extraneous Content - Effects


Extraneous Effect is an additional audio effect that neither matches the context of the scene nor the on-screen visuals. Some examples include: a knock, a step, a gunshot, a birdsong, etc. Extraneous effects impact the content quality of an asset and the customer experience is negatively impacted due to the addition of story cues that the producer did not intend. This issue could possibly be creative intent, dependent upon the context of the scene. Any derivatives of the asset will also contain these extraneous effects.

Severity Structure:


The effect does not match with the on-screen visual, but in the context of the scene, it makes sense for action occurring off-screen.

Needs Review

The effect does not match the on-screen visual, but matches context for an earlier or later scene in the program.

Needs Fix

The effect is present and clearly out of place. Could change creative intent or give away plot-pertinent information before the creators intended. 


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, remove the extraneous effect and replace with the intended audio.

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