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Localization Billing Instructions - Product Trailers Subtitling & Marketing Trailers

These instructions are only for work being placed by the Netflix Content Localization team and they do not apply to other teams, including PR, Global Marketing, Global Marketing Operations, and Local Marketing.

Invoices related to Product Trailer Localization Subtitling and Marketing Subbing & Dubbing (as requested by the Content Localization team) will be processed without a PO. As such, no PO request will be required to invoice and process payment.

Guidance for Subtitling and Marketing Localization non-PO invoicing:

1. Once work has been delivered and accepted by your Netflix Representative, please confirm the type of work (Product vs. Marketing):

Product Trailer Localization Subtitling

Please complete the Netflix Invoice Template and email invoices to

streamingAP@netflix.com and ProductTrailerInvoices@netflix.com


Marketing Subbing & Dubbing

Use your own invoice format and submit to:

streamingAP@netflix.com and MarketingContentLoc@netflix.com

2. To ensure timely payment, invoices should include the following:

Bill to: Netflix billing entity based on contracts

Ordered By: Netflix business owner that placed the order

Type of Work: Product Trailer or Marketing

Content Title by Season: (e.g. Title S2)

Description of Services: with detail, such as costs broken out by language. *Please ensure services and costs are clearly broken out by title and season on the invoice to ensure timely payment processing.

*As of August 1st, 2018, all subbing for Product Trailer Localization will be self-billed. Self-billed means that we will automatically generating invoices and payment into our billing system for Product trailer subtitling requests. Processing for all self-billing will be commenced once delivery of the subtitling asset into Backlot has been processed. Please exclude all standard rate subtitling line items on all Product Trailer Localization invoices submitted after August 1, 2018.

For product trailer inquiries, please submit to: ProductTrailerInvoices@netflix.com

For marketing subtitling & dubbing inquiries, please submit to: MarketingContentLoc@netflix.com

Change Log:



  • Update article and PDF to clarify requirement change implemented on August 1st 2018.
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