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Error Code: 

Frame Error


"Frame Error" refers to the improper matting or scaling of the intended visual resolution & frame. 


Frame Error impacts the Technical Quality of the asset. The customer experience will be adversely affected as the scene or shot on which this occurs will be noticeably blurry or lower in resolution compared to the surrounding shots. Though possibly creative intent for the composition, this also may be an element included in error. Any video streams derived from this file will contain the Frame Error.

Severity Structure:


Appears to be creative intent or is not noticeably degraded due to being blown up.


Blown up frame is aliasing and blurry. Looks very different from the shots around it.

How to Prevent:                          

Review any matting. Do not punch in further than intended visual resolution when possible.
Be extra vigilant of frame edges, especially on archival footage.

Shoot higher resolution than intended, in order to have room for framing without compromising quality.


Affected shot must be corrected or replaced with a shot that matches the visual look of the content around it.

Punch in on frame to have clean picture edges.

Pillarbox archival footage to retain as much quality as possible, when appropriate.

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