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Error Code: 

Framing Error


"Framing Error" refers to the improper matting or scaling of the intended visual resolution & frame. 


Framing Error impacts the Technical Quality of the asset. Member experience will be adversely affected if the intended framing/aspect ratio is altered or incorrect. Creative elements may be cropped out and key story points may be lost as a result. In some cases, this may be creative intent based on the context. 

Severity Structure:


Aspect ratio shift appears to be creative intent based on context (i.e. Documentary archival footage is side-matted or windowboxed).


Image zooms in/out or shifts left/right abruptly mid-shot or immediately before/after a cut. Frame has clearly been re-sized causing aliasing or a blurry image. Scaling/framing and quality of image does not match similar surrounding shots.

How to Prevent:                          

Review any matting. Do not push in further than intended resolution when possible.

Ensure any scaling/matting changes are applied cut to cut to avoid abrupt shifts mid-shot.

Shoot and finish at higher native resolution than intended final delivery to allow for re-framing without compromising image quality.


Affected shot must be corrected or replaced with a shot that matches the visual look of the content around it.

Archival footage should retain as much quality as possible, when appropriate.

If a shot scaling/ framing changes abruptly mid-shot, must be adjusted to have the change applied cut to cut.

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