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KNP Tool Overview

Purpose of the KNP

The KNP -- or Key Names and Phrases tool -- is a new interface and database to help streamline the process of creating and collecting glossaries/consistency sheets with the intent of using consistent terminology in the localization of subtitles, dubs, UI, trailers, and other marketing materials important for our brand. The KNP tool will bring all terms, their translations, and discussion around these translations, into a single database for all internal and external users. The KNP tool is a repository where we create/store/edit/manage KNP data. It will enable a much smarter and more efficient way of creating, managing, and automating KNPs at Netflix - increasing quality and scalability in localization.

For tool support, please send an email to l10n-support@svc.netflix.net with the details of the issue encountered.

Expectations for Partners

Netflix commissioned work

Partners delivering Netflix commissioned, non-branded work are expected to use the KNP tool passively. Translators should check the KNP at the start of localization for any pre-existing translations to be incorporated into their files, but they do not need to add any new translations to the KNP tool. We consider ‘start of localization’ approximately the time the video file becomes available. We ask that partners create and deliver a KNP by the time they deliver their assets. We offer a KNP template that you can use for this purpose.

Partners delivering Netflix commissioned, branded work are expected to use the KNP actively. Translators need to check the KNP for pre-existing translations and also provide translations (see “Rule of the First”).

Non-Netflix commissioned work

Partners delivering work not commissioned by Netflix: Please create a KNP with the key character names, places and phrases used in the content and the secondary assets you deliver --and email to your Netflix contact upon file delivery to Backlot.  Here is a KNP template you can use.

Access to the KNP

There are three KNP roles in Starship, each associated with a different access level. To enhance the security of the KNP tool, we will be adjusting these roles and access levels in the near future by introducing a Major Manager Role and Project Manager role. Each vendor has designated people within their organization with Domain Admin access.  Access requests should be directed to those individuals. Please refer to the document KNP tool access level with current roles and access levels.

Use of the KNP tool (BRANDED, Netflix Commissioned Content)

Work must be performed in the KNP directly – uploading or downloading KNP terms is not permitted. We strongly recommend that vendors onboard translators and script adapters to the KNP tool (role “KNP editor”). This the most efficient way to ensure timely and accurate translations and it ensure translators and adapters always have access to the latest translations.

We expect that translations are being provided concurrently with the translations of the assets. For example: If a dubbing translator is working on the scripts for episodes 1 and 2, they should provide translations for episodes 1 and 2 in the tool as they go along.

Source Term Creation

The English Source Terms list is being created by Netflix unless otherwise instructed. If you are instructed to create an English source term list, please refer to the KNP Source Term Creation Guideline. Translators are not permitted to add any source terms.

The "Rule of the First"

The first translator in the tool provides the translation - regardless of asset type. Subsequent translators are expected to follow that translation. Changes to translations should only be done in exceptional cases and for objective reasons.

Please follow these steps when changing a translation:

  • Unlock cell
  • Update translation
  • Leave a note with an explanation as to why the translation needs to be changed
  • Tag Netflix contact
  • Lock cell

Episode and Main Titles

Episode and main titles are automatically populated and locked in the KNP. For specific guidelines about when to implement episode and main title, please refer to the article Episode & Main Title Translation in Subs and Dubs.


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