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Error Code:

Frame Error - Freeze Frame 


"Freeze Frame" is a duplicate frame within the frame sequence that contains no different information than the adjacent frame.


Freeze Frames impact both the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Customer experience is negatively affected as the expected content is not delivered and the stream may be rendered unwatchable. Though sometimes creatively intended, freeze frames without context clues, are most likely present in error. Any video derived from this file will contain freeze frames.

Severity Structure:


On screen effects or audio present context clues that the freeze frames are intended to be part of program.


Freeze frame or series of freeze frames upsets motion of a scene.

How to Prevent:                          

Freeze frames can often by encoding or frame rate conversions. Use a professional quality hardware or software standards conversion solution when changing from one frame rate to another. Avoid using a non-native frame rate source clip in a sequence of a different frame rate.


Frame must be replaced with the frame that was supposed to be there.

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