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Error Code:

Frame Error - Freeze Frame


Freeze Frame is a duplication of an adjacent frame within a sequence, and contains the same frame information. Freeze frame impacts both the technical and content quality of an asset. If the content is not delivered as intended and the stream becomes rendered unwatchable, the customer experience is negatively impacted. It could be creatively intended if there's contextual evidence; otherwise, it's most likely an error. Any derivatives of the asset will also contain the freeze frame.

Severity Structure:


On-screen effects or audio present contextual clues indicating that the freeze frames are intended to be part of the program.

Needs Review

The freeze frame(s) maybe inherent to archival footage or due to "On 2’s" style of animation.

Needs Fix

The freeze frame(s) or series of freeze frames upsets motion in the scene.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, replace affected scenes with the intended frame/video.

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