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Error Code:

Freeze Frame 


"Freeze Frame" is a duplicate frame(s) within the sequence that contains no different information than the adjacent frame(s).


Freeze Frames impact both the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Member experience is negatively affected if there are stutters or skips in the motion of on-screen action. In severe cases, long sections of freeze frames may make the content unwatchable. Though sometimes creatively intended, freeze frames without creative context cues, may indicate a render or encoding error.

Severity Structure:


On screen effects or audio provide contextual cues that freeze frames are creatively intended to be part of program.


Freeze frame or series of freeze frames cause a noticeable stutter or disruption in on-screen action.


A frozen frame or series of frames extends over a period of time that is very disruptive to the viewing experience or impedes understanding of the story

How to Prevent:                          

Freeze frames can often be caused by encoding or frame rate conversions. Use professional grade hardware/software standards conversion solution when changing from one frame rate to another.

Avoid using a non-native frame rate source clip in a sequence of a different frame rate.


Freeze frames must be replaced with correct frames to ensure seamless, smooth playback.

If freeze frames are the result of a poor frame rate conversion, footage may need to be re-converted using an alternate method.

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