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Error Code:

Conversion Error - Ghosting 


"Ghosting" is a visual artifact within a set of frames that exposes background information through foreground objects. 


Ghosting will affect the technical and content quality of the asset. Customer experience is negatively affected by on-screen motion or visual elements being harder to see or obscured completely due to Ghosting. This issue is rarely creatively intended, in most situations it is the result of faulty frame rate conversion software or hardware. Any video derived from this file will contain similar or worse Ghosting artifacts.

Severity Structure:


On screen context clues indicate that the Ghosting is occurring as part of the story.


Motion is blurry and trails form alongside the opposite edges of motion.

How to Prevent:                          

When converting frame rates & deinterlacing, use a high-quality converter and/or in deinterlace filter in order to avoid inducing ghosting. 


If the issue is due to a poor deinterlace then re-transcode ensuring a high-quality deinterlacer is used (motion compensated, motion adaptive etc). Avoid any mode listed as "simple", "quick", or "discard fields". 

If the issue is due to an intentional frame rate conversion then correct the affected footage by using a high-quality frame rate converter or replaced with non-Ghosting footage.

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