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Error Code:

Conversion Error - Ghosting


Ghosting is a visual artifact within a set of frames that exposes background information through foreground objects. Ghosting affects the technical and content quality of an asset. The customer experience is negatively affected as on-screen motion or visual elements become harder to see or are obscured completely. This is rarely creative intent, and is usually the result of a faulty frame rate conversion software/hardware. Any derivative of the asset will contain the ghosting and may inherently become worst.

Severity Structure:


There is on-screen contextual evidence that indicates the ghosting is occurring as part of the story.

Needs Review

The ghosting is inherent to archival or frame rate converted footage.

Needs Fix

The motion is blurry and there are trails forming alongside the opposite edges of motion.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent or inherent to source footage; otherwise, the footage must be converted with a high-quality, motion-adaptive frame rate converter or replaced with non-ghosting footage.

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